How To Create A ChatGPT Account? Quick & Easy Steps!

ChatGPT is currently one of the most used AI chatbots in the market. Its ability to generate content, code, have conversations, solve complex queries, and more has made it a widespread phenomenon.

ChatGPT is a free basic version chatbot, while it also contains a premium version ChatGPT Plus that costs $20/month. However, to access these AI chatbots, you need to create an OpenAI account on its official site using your email and sign up.

In this article, we will be mentioning a proper guide on how to create a ChatGPT Account along with how to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus. So, let’s get started.

Do I need an account to use ChatGPT?

How To Create A ChatGPT Account

Yes! You need to create a free account on OpenAI to access ChatGPT for any purpose. Without a free account, you won’t be able to access all of the amazing features. To generate your account, you need to provide your email address, eight-letter password, and phone number to verify your account.

After verification, you need to log in to your account whenever you want to use ChatGPT. The platform even offers an option of keeping your password saved. By that, you don’t have to input your password again & again!

Creating an account assists the AI in keeping track of your interactions and will personalize further answers based on the previous information of the same text. Having an account enhances your overall experience with the AI.

How To Create A Free ChatGPT Account? Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Creating a free account for ChatGPT is quite easy and quick! Here are the steps on how to create a Free ChatGPT Account on OpenAI!

  • You need to visit the homepage of ChatGPT using this link via a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.
How To Create A Free ChatGPT Account
  • Click on the Sign-up option to generate your free ChatGPT account. If you see ‘ChatGPT is at capacity right now’ then it means too many people are using ChatGPT right now, so you have to try again later after some time.
  • After clicking on ChatGPT Sign up, you need to add your email address, or you can sign-up using your Google or Microsoft account.
How To Create A Free ChatGPT Account Guide
  • Generate a strong eight-letter strong password and click on Continue.
  • Now you need to complete the verification process by tapping on the link sent to your email. If you didn’t receive any mail, click on resend mail.
  • Add your first and last name and tap on ‘Continue.’
  • You need to complete a phone verification process for security reasons, so enter your phone number and click on ‘Send Code.’
  • Enter the four-digit code and complete the verification.

That’s all! Now you can log in to your account and start using ChatGPT for free. You can now start asking questions, generate content in different forms, write code, and more.

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Is Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus Worth?

When considering ‘Is ChatGPT premium worth it,’ it’s important to take into account that ChatGPT Plus is a premium version of ChatGPT that contains additional features and benefits such as:

  1. Availability at all hours
  2. Faster responses
  3. GPT-4
  4. Early access to new features

Evaluating your specific needs and the potential advantages of these enhanced features can help you determine if ChatGPT Plus is the right choice for you.

How To Upgrade To ChatGPT Plus?

The premium version of ChatGPT costs $20 per month. To upgrade from the basic version of ChatGPT to ChatGPT Plus, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit ChatGPT’s homepage by clicking on this link through a browser.
  • Login to your OpenAI account. If you don’t have an account, click on Sign up and generate one using email.
  • Tap on the ‘Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus’ icon available on the left.
How To Create A Free ChatGPT Account Steps
  • Now, click on ‘Upgrade Plan’ located below ChatGPT Plus.
  • Add your card details and click on ‘Subscribe’ to complete the payment of $20/month.

You are now a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, and you can begin using premium features now!

How To Upgrade To ChatGPT Plus Guide

Is ChatGPT available as an app?

Yes, ChatGPT is now available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. After initially only being accessible through a web browser, OpenAI has launched an official ChatGPT app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This provides a streamlined and user-friendly way for people to chat with the AI assistant on their smartphones. The app allows you to easily ask questions, get explanations, and generate content without needing to use a browser.

How To Create A ChatGPT Account Guide

Is ChatGPT available on the App Store?

With the release of the official ChatGPT mobile app, it is now available for download on the iOS App Store. Apple users can install the ChatGPT app on their iPhones and iPads to access the AI chatbot more conveniently.

This also provides quick access to premium features for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. The app’s interface is designed specifically for iOS devices to enable seamless chatting and content creation.

Can you use ChatGPT without a phone number?

No, providing a valid phone number is mandatory during the signup process for creating a ChatGPT account. This phone number verification is an important security measure implemented by OpenAI to prevent misuse.

It adds an extra layer of authentication to ensure real people are accessing ChatGPT and using it appropriately. Therefore, the AI assistant cannot be used without undergoing phone number validation.

Is it safe to create a ChatGPT account?

Relatively speaking, signing up for a ChatGPT account through OpenAI is considered safe thanks to security precautions like data encryption and hosting the AI on private servers. However, as with most online services, there is always a small risk of data leaks from potential hacking.

Users are advised to avoid sharing personal information and details during conversations with ChatGPT. Following general online safety guidelines for passwords and accessing via trusted networks can further help keep your ChatGPT account secure.


In summary, an OpenAI account with email and phone verification is required to use ChatGPT. Official mobile apps now provide additional access options beyond web browsers. While ChatGPT employs security measures, caution with sharing private data is recommended. Evaluating your needs can help determine if a paid ChatGPT Plus subscription is worthwhile.

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