Wuhan Lab Likely Patient Zero of China Originated Pandemic

There is “increasing confidence” that China blamed a wet market in Wuhan to deflect how the novel coronavirus originated in a nearby government laboratory, according to a new report.

By Fenfang Harper Chen.

It sounds like the conspiracy theory was right all along. Yesterday Trump said he would cut funding for the World Health Organization. The real reason is there is now enough evidence that the real source of the virus is not the wet market of Wuhan.

While the Great Lockdown event will be comparable to the Great Recession, a once in a century recession, there will be considerable blame on China. This is because of how they covered up the source and tried to control the narrative via their CCP state propaganda machine.

While the investigation is launched on the WHO’s conduct and corruption with regards to China. This may be the “costliest government coverup of all time,” as the Wuhan Virology Lab is increasingly being acknowledged to be the real source.

Taiwan’s warning about human-to-human transmission was weeks before the WHO admitted it, giving China time to delay and come up with the alternative narrative which the WHO propagated elevated by Western social media channels like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. However, it was all based on lies and a great cover-up. The Fox news theory is at least plausible (see video summary).

According to the new narrative the recent report states that the virus was first transmitted from bat to human, and “patient zero” was a lab employee who was accidentally infected before spreading the disease outside the lab. Records outlining initial reactions at the lab as well as early attempts to contain the virus are said to exist.

The truth is China and the U.S. both delayed aspects of the truth that cost the world $Trillions of dollars and what will likely be hundreds of thousands of lives. The first patient was likely around November 17th, but the world was not prepared by the WHO properly.

China’s deception on data transparency also cost the global economy an incalculable amount. This amounts to a very serious human rights violation and unlawful conduct that will not go unpunished.

The Wuhan lab was not a safe environment. The Coronavirus coverup is ‘China’s Chernobyl moment,’ according to 100s of scientists and analysts. China is therefore directly responsible for the pandemic in more ways than one.

China quickly blamed the Wuhan ‘wet market’, which did not sell bats and scrubbed the cover story that did not make sense and was not directly involved in the majority of the first cluster of cases. China silenced dozens of scientists and community journalists and the WHO was complicit with this cover-up. This allowed parts of Europe and the U.S. to underestimate the danger of the novel coronavirus.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which had in 2015 become China’s first laboratory to achieve the highest level of international bioresearch safety (known as BSL-4). It’s highly unlikely the event however was accidental. The November 17th case is also unlikely to be patient zero.

It was however a bit shocking to see this alternative scenario play out at the White House briefing of April 15th, 2020. Trump didn’t deny the rumors when he was quizzed by John Roberts of Fox News about the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab intern, who reportedly infected her boyfriend with the virus. “More and more we’re hearing the story,” Trump said as the US death toll topped 28,000. When the President of the U.S. admitted:

“More and more we’re hearing the story,” Trump said as the US death toll topped 28,000.

How the world sees the source of Covid-19 changed forever in an instant.

However far from a conspiracy theory, at the Last Futurist we’ve taken an interest in this story since it positions China very poorly in terms of potential economic repercussions, trade sanctions and a disaster for its international relations.

Dozens of experts, analysts, politicians and national security leaders have voiced very valid claims. For example, The New York Times reported that Matthew Pottinger, the deputy national security adviser, also suspected the coronavirus may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

The French government helped the Chinese set up the Wuhan lab. However apparently China either had an internal coup within the Chinese Community Party (more likely), or there really was an accidental leak (less likely). Either way it appears the CCP is more than likely directly responsible for the most adverse impact of the pandemic in terms of lives and economic damages.

So is the so-called intern really patient zero? Worth noting, at least one young researcher from the lab —Huang Yanling — a graduate student rumored to be patient zero — was scrubbed from the lab’s website. When the WHO denied the link to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, it become complicit in the cover-up and took many steps in collusion thereafter.

This leaves Taiwan as the unlikely hero of the pandemic, and the CCP and the WHO in deep disrepute. You would not know this if you listened to propaganda powered by the machine of the CCP, Russian, Iran and others. When data is the new oil, misinformation is the new weapon.

But the world didn’t listen to Taiwan, it listened to a U.S. funded WHO that was being coached by the China Community Party. This travesty only barely couches Trump’s incompetence in dealing with the response efforts and how ill prepared the U.S. has been so far. China’s willing assault on the U.S. economy is likely a success, if the leak for the lab was intentional.

To assume that it was unintentional is highly problematic. The problem is of course whoever you want to blame, economists expect new data to show all US jobs created since the Great Recession have been wiped out in just 4 weeks of the Great Shutdown.

But don’t worry, you’re likely to get a $2,000 basic income, until things are a bit better if you live in the U.S. or in Canada. The Wuhan Lab wanted employees in its job post which roughly translates as “we’ve discovered a new and terrible virus, and would like to recruit people to come deal with it.”

Unfortunately, it has dealt with us instead and the world instead and will keep doing so in 2020, 2021 and beyond until a vaccine, herd-immunity and between 50 to 70% of the world has likely been infected.

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