Why $TYME is the next $OCGN

In the mad rush to $OCGN with a potential readily available Covid-19 vaccine, there’s a lot of potential Covid-19 stories that flow beneath the big news.

Tyme Technologies was already a well rated stock at $2.45 but with the right news it can go much higher.

Read the patent claims carefully.

Could there be more direct methods of treating Covid-19 with the variants?

  • Unlike immune therapies that depend upon the structure of the external virus coat of COVID-19 where the therapy directs its attack, they (the company) believe TYME-19 is agnostic to this structure and any mutations to the viral coat.
  • Like other TYME agents, TYME-19 affects cellular metabolism. It constrains viral replication after a virus has inserted its genetic blueprint into an infected cell by inhibiting the ability of the virus to use the cells’ synthetic apparatus to make viral proteins and lipids.
  • As a result, they also believe that TYME-19 diminishes the ability of COVID-19 to hijack an infected cell. TYME intends to initiate the appropriate clinical trials to substantiate the safety and efficacy of TYME-19.

TYME-19 is an investigational compound that is not approved in the U.S. for any disease indication. In a world of speculative momentum trading, potential Covid-19 drugs really are a golden ticket because the entire world is downplaying how serious a post-vaccine wave could be with variants that bypass both the vaccine and scarily enough, our immune systems.

The UK variant is basically doubling every 10 days in the U.S. If that doesn’t concern you, you don’t understand what could happen with an R rate 0.5 higher.

I’m not a medical professional so I can’t say if this makes sense. But TYME-19 is an oral synthetic member of the bile acid family that the company also uses in its anticancer compound, TYME-18. Because of its expertise in metabolic therapies, the company was able to identify TYME-19 as a potent, well characterized antiviral bile acid and has performed preclinical experiments establishing effectiveness against COVID-19.

Given the bullish mood on $OCGN, this potential solution is worth a small wager, although do your own due diligence.

The stock spiked to $3.53, and with an offering has come down to $2.47. Clearly there’s some rational upside depending on what happens with so-called herd immunity in the U.S. Essentially only 150 million are willing to take the vaccine, not a good sign for “herd immunity” happening any time soon.

On Yahoo Finance, the stock is rated as a 1.5/5 buy. That’s extremely bullish even in ordinary times. The chart shows a pattern of volatility that could take the stock to $5 within the next three months (without the Covid catalyst).

Today $OCGN has run 202%, showing there’s quite a lot of appetite for even speculative Covid-19 vaccines and treatment stocks. In the greatest bull market ever with low interest rates, stimulus anticipation and vaccine optimism, we’re seeing a bullish market equaled only by December, 2020 and May, 2020.

This is not financial advice, simply an observation. As always do your own due diligence.

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