Why $OCGN Is a Worthy Investment

Much of the world is not vaccinated yet, or needs booster shots for Delta Plus. Vaccine nationalism is still a major problem with Russia’s fast deployment of Sputnik totally backfiring.

We have written about $OCGN a lot, you can find the articles here. $OCGN is very volatile and nearly a meme-covid-19 stock at this point. Recently it’s gone from $6.75 to nearly $12. WHO approval is possible in the coming weeks.

Due to its chart history it still has room to run. Ocugen and its partner, Bharat Biotech, have yet to win approval from the U.S., Canada or the World Health Organization (WHO). However, this approval is definitely an important stepping stone. Even if U.S. approval remains elusive, India itself is a huge market. For Covid-19 stock enthusiasts Novavax, Ocugen or Merck are potential plays. Even $NRXP perhaps.

So what’s changed?

Why would you swing trade or hold this. Shareholders who have held steady in OCGN stock since the beginning of the year are up more than 300%. Investors appear to be responded positively to a report that the World Health Organization technical advisory group was reviewing data on India’s Covaxin shot against Covid-19 on Tuesday with a decision on an emergency use listing likely soon, according to Times of India.

Personally $OCGN was one of the most lucrative trades I ever made. Ocugen has filed the paperwork necessary for WHO approval, and that application is now winding its way through the system. The big jump came as investors anxiously awaited a meeting today of the World Health Organization’s technical advisory committee. This committee is discussing whether or not to grant Emergency Use Listing (EUL) to Bharat Biotech’s COVID-19 vaccine Covaxin.

For Covid-19 to get better Covaxin and Sputnik both need approval. We knew Sputnik was safe since July, 2021. Yet its own citizens don’t trust it where Delta is a big problem for Russia, where over 1,100 people are dying each day according to official numbers (you have to multiply this by 1.8 to get the real numbers).

Nobody will be immune from Delta plus in 2022. It’s another 10% more contagious at least. If the World Health Organization grants EUL to Covaxin, it would pave the way for the vaccine to be distributed to countries that participate in the COVAX Facility.

That would certainly be good news for Bharat Biotech. India is on the map now for mega IPOs, only a matter of time before they are more important globally.

Ocugen is partnering with Bharat to commercialize Covaxin only in the U.S. and Canada. The vaccine hasn’t received authorizations in either of these markets yet. And EUL for Covaxin won’t do anything to help clear the way.

So $OCGN is a bit of a mixed bag of hype, speculation and the real world where U.S. vaccines seem to get preferential treatment. It is very political in Big Pharma.

“If all is in place and all goes well and if the committee is satisfied, we would expect a recommendation within the next 24 hours or so,” said Margaret Harris in an interview with journalists at a UN press briefing via Times of India. Some even went on to call the Times of India news a bit of misinformation, I don’t have the answers.

Under $10 this would have been a buy for me. Ocugen Inc is set to release earnings on 11/4/2021. Any good news for Covaxin generates enthusiasm, even if that news doesn’t directly benefit Ocugen. For the most part we have to view $OCGN as a meme stock with added volatility due to being Covid-19 related.

As far as speculation and runs go, it’s very decent to swing trade from my past experience and according to the chart.

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