Why Digital Locations $DLOC (OTC) is the Penny Stock of the Week

In the age of Covid-19, there are investors, there are day traders, and then there are opportunists. At the Last Futurist, we are always watching for startups that could have an impact on the future of technology.

Digital Locations is 5G at the intersection of a real estate startup. In the last five days, the stock is up over 3000%. Let’s explain. On Monday June 22nd the price was $0.0056. At 1pm something happened, it started to rise. At that time there was no news yet.

Today on the 23rd the stock hit as high as $0.32 at 11:25. Even for a scalp this would have been an epic treasure trove.

Call me the next Warren Buffet cause that’s what I am, turned $220 into 6k in 4 hours. GOAT ME $DLOC pic.twitter.com/ONGYQpiWNG

— 𓃹𓃲𓆈 Trevor Jones (@jrevortones) June 22, 2020

In day trading during the Covid-19 the bullish optimism of the recovery has meant a whole new class of retail investor. What happens when you could have made 57 times your initial investment? Digital Locations is a tantalizing business model in theory. Digital Locations, Inc., is a developer of cell tower sites for the 5G revolution.

5G wireless networks are expected to be 100 times faster than current 4G LTE networks. This will enable global scale killer applications such as self-driving cars, the Internet of things (IOT), mobile streaming of 4K videos, real-time hologram-based collaboration, and lag-free high definition gaming.

They are simply an early stage developer of cell tower sites for the 5G revolution, and today they announced that its application was accepted to perform research on Powder – the future of wireless networking in a city-scale “living laboratory.”

Powder (the Platform for Open Wireless Data-driven Experimental Research) is run by the University of Utah in partnership with Salt Lake City and the Utah Education and Telehealth Network.

In addition to state of the art off-the-shelf equipment, Powder will deploy cutting-edge radio hardware and software being developed by the RENEW team led by Rice University.

Powder-RENEW is part of the National Science Foundation’s PAWR program and is funded in part by NSF award CNS-1827940 and the PAWR Industry Consortium.

Digital Locations wants to be like a “landlord” of tomorrow’s wireless communications assets. To realize the vision of 5G, many new 5G antennas are needed because high frequency 5G signals cannot travel farther than 100 meters.

It is estimated that more than 1 million new 5G cell towers must be added in the United States alone. This is basically the hype around this $DLOC movement today.

It’s an OTC pink sheet company. If you use Ameritrade or Robinhood, you are out of luck. “This is an interesting opportunity for our company,” said Bill Beifuss, President of Digital Locations. “We will now be able to collaborate with cutting edge 5G companies to learn more about 5G applications under real world conditions. Salt Lake City and New York City are the only two cities in the country the FCC has designated innovation zones to test 5G.”

DLOC might just be the best 5G penny stock of June, 2020. Highly speculative stocks like this could make decent short-term trades, but would be too risky to hold in the long term. In this case there is not much data to go on.

To be a good retail investor playing penny stocks, you need to get in on the first 3rd of the curve. So instead of spending all that time following the crowd in volume and apps like Stocktwits, find a method to find good companies early.

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I don’t recommend you get into DLOC now or above $0.10, I recommend you should have found it yesterday. Don’t buy low and sell high, just get in early.

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