What is Umbra Applied Technologies Group $UATG

In the OTC world a new star is born every day, I’m not even kidding.

Yesterday UAT group filed an S-1. The firm is located in Tampa Florida and focuses on advanced technologies across many disciplines (so the company claims).

  • Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. operates as a green technology development, fabrication, and commercialization company.
  • The company develops and manufactures equipment, products, and systems to global remediation projects. Its technologies include power generation, oil and sand processing, oil shale processing, inland and salt water oil spill remediation, water remediation, water desalinization and medical waste remediation, and e-waste remediation.

Here we are talking about energy sector treatment and maintenance. How much it actually relates to green technology is a bit unclear.

The Stocktwits only has 500 followers. UAT Group is a holding company with interests in both public and private companies during the early stages of development as well as growth stages of companies with a synergistic business model to UAT Group subsidiaries.

You can view their website here. The stock is currently $0.033 cents. That’s 3.3 cents. Some penny stock investors believe the company is a total scam. The investor hub boards on this one are all over the place. The website is a bit of a copyrighters dream.

They say Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. is a diversified, cutting-edge technology company with a dauntless vision for the fields of alternative energy, conventional energy, medical innovation, environmental remediation, weapons systems, and compound recognition technologies that are related to homeland security. Cutting-edge? Dauntless? All of this remains to be seen.

Still as a short momentum trade I think it has potential. The micro cap sector is not doing too well today, but this stock is not down. Yahoo conversations are also a bit clueless. It’s a bit of a mystery stock. OTC markets has them dark. This is not financial advice, do your own due diligence. This is a very risky stock, however it does have 200% 5-day momentum on its side.

This is the kind of penny stock you cringe a bit to invest in. However in a bull market, some pretty cringe-worthy stocks are doing okay. UATG currently trades as an alternative reporting company on OTC Markets. Chief Executive Officer, Alex Umbra commented, “As many who have been with us know, the UAT Group team has always been focused on higher listing standards. Does anyone know what he is talking about?

In the S-1 they say: Building on this filing, UATG has begun executing a series of strategic initiatives to support and build upon its existing market cap. It’s very vague.

Finally you can follow the price live here.

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