What is Apple Glass?

Apple has dominated the wearables sector in incredible fashion pre coronavirus, and after, it seems it will continue the show. This is because Apple will have the best augmented reality (AR)glasses integration.

Due to recent leaks in May, 2020 we know that Apple is widely believed to be developing glasses with Augmented Reality capabilities, likely called Apple Glasses.

In the wearbles and 5G generation, our phone is the super computer and Apple is still that flashy brand. This is because apparently the processing will happen on the phone instead of the glasses. In an IoT era we will be using AR more pragmatically and such glasses will have plastic frames instead of metal and retail starting at $499.

All this according to tech leaker Jon Prosser. This guy is super annoying, just forward the video to 5:32 to get the Apple Glass part.

This will likely mean an early 2022 release considering the supply chain issues of the coronavirus. Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple Glasses are still in development and a long ways off. However more details keep emerging about how they will work.

As Microsoft and MagicLeap are firmly in the enterprise space with their products, this paves the way for Apple to be the leader in a multi-layered approach to “creating innovative MR/AR” user experiences. The only other viable challenger that we know of would be Amazon — or a Chinese startup.

Apple Glass is one of the most anticipated products from Apple in years, because it represents a new product line with real innovation and convenience. Given how well Apple is creating a service economy and wearable success stories, consumers are ready for this product even as phone saturation has taken place and not everyone will need to have a 5G enabled phone.

The earliest Apple Glass could launch is March 2021, but that’s highly unlikely. LiDAR and wireless charging is likely. The biggest challenge Apple will face is convincing consumers to wear a piece of technology on their face. It’s something Snapchat, Google and Microsoft have failed to do. It has to elevate products within the Apple ecosystem and integrate with other apps.

In 2020 it’s safe to say the Apple Watch has been a grand success with many iterations and a lot of demand in the health sector of aging populations. Could the AR Apple Glasses be a more trendy product for young people?

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