What is Alternet Systems $ALYI as an EV $100 Million Play?

One of the top trending stocks today is $ALYI. In this article we’re going to explore why that is. As of 1:45 pm August 31st the stock is up 82% today to $0.052.

As with all pink slip stocks, always verify them on OTC.markets just to make sure they are legit, since pink slip stocks always add considerable risk to your trading choices.

Alternet Systems is pivoting into the EV sector which is red hot and is likely at the beginning of a downward trend after Tesla’s stock split. Alternet Systems wants to be an innovative electric vehicle company concentrating on the African market.

Today it published a bulletin outlining in further detail the company’s recently announced development project: to construct an advanced electric mobility site in Africa covering approximately 100 acres.

According to Alternet’s website:

  • ALYI has developed a comprehensive, long-term electric mobility business strategy focused on rapidly expanding into the market in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The strategy begins with the production of ALYI’s proprietary ReVolt Electric Motorcycle designed for a rugged environment and to support the multi passenger Ride-Share industry in Africa already recognized by Uber and Lyft.
  • ALYI has evolved from managing the evolution of a portfolio of patented lithium technologies and maintains initiatives in alternative energy storage research and development, and in energy storage needs specific to military applications.

Its fundraising approach is part innovative, part sketchy, incorporating crypto. All of this is very popular in places like Nigeria. The ReVolt Electric Motorcycle has been developed through multiple pilot phases. ReVolt you might know is symbolic of the crypto Revolt Token, RevoltTOKEN (www.revolttoken.com).

I like the total addressable market here. The current global market for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds is approximately 130 million units per year, resulting in $120 billion in annual sales.

EV hype and Bitcoin higher means it’s good timing for ALYI in general. RevoltTOKEN has already partitioned a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain in advance of the planned ICO.

While a herd of companies pursue traditional IPOs and SPAC mergers, ALYI stands out in the EV fundraising market with its cryptocurrency strategy and slightly bizarre SPAC type situation.

  • ALYI has entered into a comprehensive funding agreement with RevoltTOKEN that includes an existing $25 million first tranche investment commitment at $0.05 per share.
  • As per capita income in developing economic regions continues to improve, motorcycle, scooter and moped sales are correspondingly expected to grow. Global automobile sales in 2018 is expected to reach just 80 million units.
  • Crypto can do very well in Africa, with a lot of young people whose standard of living is expected to go up in the years ahead. They of course will need better transportation. Why not EV motorbikes?

Based on both individual investor and institutional investor response, the presentation will specifically include an overview on how the $100 million funding target could well be exceeded. Now you have to remain skeptical as there have been many ICO scams in recent years, but some of the strategy here appears sound (in theory at least).

The stock was $0.01 on August 27th so it has increased more or less six-fold in a very short period. It’s pushed the stock to an all-time high as of August 31st, 2020.

Alternet wants to disrupt the ecosystem. The ReVolt Electric Motorcycle electrifies the rich history of the BMW R71 motorcycle.

The story is grand, but this is more of a short-term play for most $ALYI traders. Can it surpass its $100 million goal? Where does the price deserve to be for such an ambitious and potentially fraudulent endeavor? RevoltTOKEN has just secured the last key component necessary to proceed with the funding transaction and the stock is surging today on the news. But is it too good to be true?

Over two years ago, ALYI piloted an electric motorcycle that in its first rendition was a BMW R71 clone retrofitted with an electric motor.

I think we have to believe in the developing world and that Africa will help transform the world. The future of transportation is seriously shifting. If this does well, the Indian market is huge for EV motobikes.

How is this a SPAC or ICO hybrid? It doesn’t sound very well thought out on fundamentals. But the EV bubble is not about fundamentals, it’s about good stories. Alternet for me is a feel-good story. At least their PR has been effective, although it’s hard to figure ICOs in 2020 doing well. Is there still juice left in the EV hype of 2020? Not so much. Proceed with caution.

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