Trump will have to Quarantine New York City

So, you thought Wuhan China was an isolated incident, far from your safe economic prosperity as compared to the rest of the world? Think again, cases are escalating so fast in New York City, they will have to quarantine the entire area, likely including New Jersey.

When you look at the Covid-19 infection data, you quickly realize NYC and New Jersey compromise more than half of all documented infections in the U.S. With an exodus from that city, states like Florida are under serious watch. In other words, people are running out of New York State because they finally realize how bad this will get.

This gives the President of the United States no choice but to implement draconian measures like forced quarantines. I’ve been writing about this for a while, and have been censored because of it, but it’s actually going to happen. The mainstream media can only censor so much.

President Donald Trump has now said Saturday (March 28th, 2020) that he’s considering placing a short-term quarantine on New York, New Jersey and certain parts of Connecticut.

So how does this play out? Democracies can become like authoritarian states if they want. Trump said he spoke with Florida Gov. Ron Desantis and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo this morning about the coronavirus outbreak. He said that Florida is “having problems” with a lot of New Yorkers visiting the state, worsening the spread of infection.

Trump thought the pandemic would miraculously go away. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Here you go from being dishonest about what you know, to removing all economic hope of a speedy recovery for New York City, the heart of the American economy itself.

New Yorkers have been fleeing the city in record numbers in recent days as the situation gets a bit more serious. At a press conference about the virus on Saturday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he had not talked with the president about a statewide quarantine and that he wasn’t sure what such a measure would look like or be legally enforceable.

We should note that as of March 25th, New Yorkers older than 75 have the highest coronavirus-related hospitalization rate — 43%. People between 45 and 64 in New York seem to have the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita.

Many young people have been spreading the virus without active symptoms. A full quarantine is no longer just a matter of speculation, however, thanks to a Presidential tweet today:

I am giving consideration to a QUARANTINE of developing “hot spots”, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. A decision will be made, one way or another, shortly.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 28, 2020

This is a developing story.

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