Top Reddit’s Wall Street Bets – Next GameStop

Only in 2021 would Reddit become a revolution for day traders fighting in entertainment vs. Institutional bears. So without further adieu, do you own due diligence:

  • $GME
  • $AMC
  • $KOSS
  • $EXPR
  • $BB
  • $BBY

At the Last Futurist we think this is like gambling or sports betting but it’s also supporting something in the markets, a tremendous amount of liquidity moving from cash into equities giving people a rare glimpse of their own power online.

Gamestop the Date

Do it for entertainment and not for profit. This is a sugar-daddy run with Elon and Champs by your side. This is what the SEC hates to see and CNBC is baffled by, though not quite as bad as Bitcoin’s 2nd bull market we had just recently.

When Jim Cramer is supporting Reddit Wallstreetbets, you have to laugh. Go the source, see what’s trending. Check out the AH movement. We think $AMC is the strongest since they also recently got funding for 2021 and the chart is beaten down with a stronger story than the others. But we could be wrong.

  • Check out the most shorted stocks.

This is not financial advice, this is entertainment. Join the Movement! What’s the next GameStop, what’s the next stop on this stock game?

There’s 2.5 million people on the Subreddit Wallstreetbets. Check out the January 27th, 2021 thread.


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