The Top Penny Stock of February Is Social Life Network $WDLF

At the Last Futurist we are in the business of discovering undervalued startups on the OTC market. We brought to you startups like $CLWD, $HYSR and dozens of others.

We’d like to talk to you today about $WDLF. Founded in January 2013, this is about the time startups mature, about 8 years on. Social Life Network is its name and that’s important for branding. What we like most about this startup is how it intersects with real-estate and cannabis.

Since getting a ticker on Stocktwits, their stock has gone up, that’s not a coincidence. They currently only have 3.8k followers, so it’s early days as retail momentum traders are at an all-time high and growing monthly in 2021 with macro headings including stimulus and the decline of a pandemic due to national vaccine roll-outs.

Another reason we like this startup is its location, Denver. This is a startup hotbed of the 2020s. So this means they will more likely be able to attract talent.

So what does the company do? Social Life Network, Inc., a technology company, licenses Social Life Network Software as a Service (SaaS) Internet platform to the residential real estate industry and various sports verticals. The real estate segment is really important, as there is a real exodus from cities to more livable places. Colorado ranks high on that list.

A recording of the shareholder update is available on the Social Life Network website, at You can click here.

Here is their website. Do your own due diligence, this is not financial advice.

Social Life Network are trying a lot of different things, and are clearly attempting to innovate in:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Cannabis
  • Intersection of social networks with niche verticals like real estate and sports

Social Life Network, Inc. is an artificial intelligence and blockchain powered social network and e-commerce technology company based in Denver Colorado. This business diversification means the company, if they are competent, can scale.

Clearly this is a stock that’s worth more than $0.01, likely more than $0.10, sooner than later. Especially we have to add in this market where momentum trading can help elevate legit startups very rapidly if there is market consensus.

When we found $HYSR or $CLWD they too were just a few pennies or less. Now we have a pretty high level of confidence that this stock will repeat that pattern. Getting in early is always the most profitable decision for momentum traders who actually want to invest and be a diamond hand on a company they believe in.

Total revenue (according to Yahoo Finance) has also been increasing year on year for the last 4 years. While it’s modest, this is a startup with less than 10 employees.

A lot of penny stocks can feel sketchy, so when a corporate website has a code of ethics, it’s really important to see to improve the trust in the company. On OTC markets their ticker is green for a pink stock.

Many startups understand the potential of blockchain, cannabis, E-commerce and so forth, but few can put all the pieces together. That they have an AI strategy to do this is really a good sign. It means they are ambitious.

They have attained reach and diversification in just a few years. Let’s see, since their launch of the company in January of 2013, they have launched niche industry social networks to service the millions of business professionals and consumers in the residential real estate industry, the legal global cannabis and hemp industry, and many sports verticals including racket sports, soccer, hunting and fishing, worldwide. In January 2020, the combined user-ship of their niche social network exceeded 4 million monthly users.

You will have to dig in more to get more details, but that’s the broad overview of why at the Last Futurist we see this company as a strong buy. It’s also a long-term hold if you can get in at below $0.03.

  • Check out their presentation deck.
  • Investor Podcast.
  • Stocktwits Ticker.

This article was not a paid article for this company in any way (we do not know the management or any employee), simply another call by the Last Futurist team on the best startups to invest in on the OTC.

Finally if you know a bit about investing, the chart is king. I invite you to look at the 5 year chart and notice that the stock had a baseline in the $0.10-0.15 range. This means it’s currently undervalued at $0.01, and due to the addition of stimulus liquidity is almost 90% certain to go up in the short to mid-term.

However we like the fundamentals and innovation of the company so much, we are saying this is a long-term diamond hold (for years not months). This is because the startup is maturing in areas of high growth like the retail recovery (sporting goods), cannabis, blockchain, E-commerce and the intersection of social and real estate.

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