The Top Covid-19 Stock of the Delta Wave

Relief Therapeutics has had a credibility breakthrough. With the stock of its western partner surging, $NRXP 98.5% in the last five days, we all know due to the profits distribution $RLFTF will end up as the legit winner.

The problem is $RLFTF is an OTC stock with limited exposure to day traders. That did not stop the stock from being up 25% on Friday.

The successful commercial formulation for Aviptadil is a milestone for these two companies. It will likely be one of the best treatments that makes the Delta wave less lethal so an EUA by the FDA is probable before 2022. While $RLFTF was once $0.19 recently, how high could it reach on a Covid-19 meme enthusiasm? It’s hard to even estimate.

NRx also reported in its press release that it had achieved a 30-to-50-fold increase in its manufactured lot size of aviptadil. $NRXP is a very volatile stock, but $RLFTF owns 50% of the American profits and has a much lower baseline as a stock with the patent.

Relief really has the golden ticket for a penny stock during the pandemic. Relief owns the rights for the compound RLF-100™, that is a synthetic human vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) with a multifaceted mode of action, for respiratory indications. The development program currently is focused on COVID-19-induced severe lung injury and pulmonary sarcoidosis. The studies are indicating its Zyesami proves effective for severe hospitalizations.

Even as vaccination distribution continues, treatments during the Delta virus might be much more significant due to high rates of vaccine hesitancy and an uneven global distribution of the vaccines, including several that appear to be less effective vs. Delta and new variants.

In this sense $RLFTF could be a generational penny stock to own before the EUA in terms of Covid-19 centric stocks. Having access to the OTC could be important if you wanted to participate in what is essentially a sure winner.

The U.S. with its delta wave that is very significant basically needs more treatments like Zyesami that can reduce mortality rates so it can continue its national story of an economic recovery. As we reach the peak of Delta, news on this treatment could be imminent with the FDA.

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