The Top AI Penny Stock of February 2021

The top artificial intelligence stock of the red hot small-cap momentum market is a little known $ITOX.

As the energy sector is rotating to more green technology the trusted Internet of Things will follow. They are surprisingly interconnected. That is what makes this algorithmic IoT stock so very interesting.

AI at the intersection of smart manufacturing is what we are talking about, check out their website here.

  • IIOT-OXYS, Inc. identifies, develops, and markets engineered products, software, and services for industrial Internet applications.
  • It develops hardware, software, and algorithms that monitor, measure, and predict conditions for energy, structural, agricultural, and medical applications. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (think MIT).

Industrial IoT is underappreciated in 2021. IIoT = Operations Technology + Information Technologies.

The stock is barely known yet on Stocktwits with just 78 followers. That will change soon. Also look at the long-term chart. The stock spiked to $3, three years ago in March. Given the liquidity of the market and the rarity of an AI penny stock, it could easily go back to $0.20. It currently rests at $0.032.

With a revolution in the energy utility sector this kind of AI will be increasingly important. Think operations technology = The use of computers to monitor or alter the physical state of a system. Oxys is really an unknown penny stock, and that’s the time to get in, early.

The Company’s products and services include EdgeTelligence, EdgeRune, and EdgeMap. EdgeTelligence is a fully integrated, turnkey system for gathering and processing data at the Edge of the Industrial Internet.

EdgeRune is a set of proprietary algorithms that is solidly based on physics, not just brute force math, thereby deriving unparalleled elegance and power. This company brings AI swag to industrial operations, in a nutshell. They are a pretty early stage startup. This is their linkedin.

Their tech can be involved in both biotech (given their location) and the energy sector transition to more clean energy. That means their business model scan scale well across industries. Operations AI is needed in multiple sectors.

They use a variety of sensors to capture and analyze massive amounts of data and use Machine Learning and proprietary algorithms to identify discreet patterns and anomalies which can be associated to specific real world events and used to provide actionable mission critical insights.

They engineer solutions focus on common sense approaches to machine learning, algorithm development and hardware and software products. Again we are talking about both software and hardware, which means they can quickly pivot as needed.

The company’s contribution to the pharmaceutical intelligent manufacturing segment is on the rise. This means the company has catalysts that many people and investors don’t yet understand. I remember when $BTAI was in the $2 range, today it’s $60.68.

While I’m not sure they have found their correct business model yet, they are clearly innovating in an algorithm as a service sort of way.

  • They attempt to add value to a clear path to improved asset reliability, machine uptime, machine utilization, energy consumption, and quality.
  • They also of course provide, advanced algorithms and insights as a service.

The reality is in 2021 AI startups are pretty rare, so it’s fascinating to see one this size and be able to invest in them. Remember also what their location means. It means it’s ideal since market-leading Biotech, Medtech, and Pharma multinational firms have offices or R&D centers in Cambridge. Also the access to MIT grads and such. The leadership team and branding is satisfactory and a lot more legit than most penny stocks. Finally you can read the investor news.

This is not financial advice and also do your own due diligence. The Last Futurist sees $ITOX as a buy under $0.04 and a relative price target of $0.09 for February. It may later in the Spring however go much higher.

If you think this article adds value, please share it with your best investment friend, since it’s a reasonable company to invest in given the multiple catalysts of vaccine roll-outs, stimulus, low-interest rates and more liquidity moving into high-growth momentum small-cap stocks.

However what excites me about the stock is something else, it’s the huge transition of the energy utility sector and the need for better industrial internet of things companies that are tethered to it. You can follow the stock in real-time here.


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