The Quebec Government Failed Montreal in Covid-19

Socialist policies are great, when they are done right. The problem is, so often they are corrupt. Take Montreal for instance during the pandemic.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault visited Montreal on Thursday and said “society failed”. No sir, you did. Montreal — the epicentre of the COVID-19 contagion in Canada has a lot of private senior care facilities, they knew this.

The majority of Covid-19 deaths so far in Montreal have been in the city’s long-term care homes. Quebec’s long-time policy to get french speaking Haitian immigrants who end up as PABs in these facilities has meant a public healthcare disaster. French Canadians care about their language, but under-fund their healthcare system.

Montreal, that supposed European tourist destination in Canada. Montreal, where wait times even under normal circumstances in public hospitals are among the worst in North America. Ten days after Laval’s Place Bell was converted into an overflow location for COVID-19 patients, the centre still hasn’t opened because there are not enough people to work there.

Nursing shortages, french language issues with nursing licences, shows a great lack of organization in the Quebec government. The moral of the story is that you did this to yourselves.

Let’s not blame “society” or Quebecers as a whole who do not respect social distancing as much as other Canadians. Let’s remember this is a public healthcare system. A lot of Quebecers are not proud of what happened in CHSLDs, and it shows a total lack of preparation for what we knew was coming. How many deaths will it take for them to wake up?

Montreal, that place where are three times more seniors in long-term care homes in Quebec, per capita, “than anywhere else in the world”, so why did you not prepare properly Mr. Legault? Quebec is embarrassing, and living in Montreal I’m upset about this.

Cases in Quebec have been hovering around 800 a day for the past 2 weeks, that makes Montreal the 7th most dangerous place for Covid-19 in the world. Canada yes?

I’m so tired of this quality of leadership. Where French language institutions get funding, but not healthcare. Where people must die because the Government is incompetent. The city is at the center of the crisis in Canada and Quebec is now the seventh deadliest place in the world for daily deaths.

Montreal is already economically depressed for being a French-first city. But this has to be a wake-up call for our future. Montreal will be closed longer than New York City, in the first wave of the coronavirus in Canada.

Montreal, a city touted by tourist guides as “North America’s Europe” for its rich culture and joie de vivre, is Canada’s centre for Covid-19 and it shows a society and a culture that has its priorities wrong.

Montreal where healthcare workers are underpaid and the French tests for acquiring the licensing for nursing assistants and nurses is so hard Quebecois often used to fail the test. And now you wonder why you don’t have enough workers? Quebec is in an unfavorable position for a reason and it’s not some social ill of Montrealers. Quebec’s government have no idea what they are doing.

Montreal being the only major city in the Province is held hostage somewhere between Quebec’s morbid past and a bleak economic future, where Montreal is just the lowest gateway to Canadian immigration where the rules are more lax.

Thus far of Canada’s nearly 6,000 deaths, more than half of them at 3,484 have taken place in Quebec. Montreal meanwhile have many hard hit areas which makes opening society back up anytime soon very controversial. Canada has had over 77,000 Covid-19 infections. 82 people have died in the last 24 hours in Montreal.

As of May, 16th, 2020 Canada has 151 deaths per million population, among the 20 worst (19th place) Countries in the world in this grim stat and it’s all thanks to Montreal and the mismanagement of the Quebec Government.

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