The Hydrogen and EV Charging Station Future Is for Real – $COUV

At the Last Futurist we’ve thought a lot about how the fraudulent Nikola came to town. How significant will Hydrogen be? It might be huge. Hydrogen is going to take 25% of all oil demand by 2050, a Bank of America analyst says. That’s trillions of dollars of the energy utility sector.

$Couv is not a well known stock. It’s a weird little company called Corporate Universe. They acquired ZapGo, a company once named a major innovator in the EV sector.

Here’s some of the best info on what ZapGo’s technology means. $COUV is up 45% today and for good reason. While Zap Go’s new website is still in development, we’ll know more soon. This is all about a new fast-charging category in the EV sector.

When we first talked about $HYSR at $0.02 investors thought we were crazy. Today, $HYSR is up near the $0.30 zone. This is after $PLUG and $FCEL, two of our favorite penny stocks, were pumped to oblivion like levels. If you know about $BLNK, you might also know about $MOTNF. You also have to consider $COUV in that equation of the future of charging stations.

While ZapGo has a rather nefarious history, $COUV has potential. Zap&Go’s technology uses specially formulated nano-carbons and ionic electrolytes which permit a higher voltage system. This provides higher energy densities than conventional supercapacitors, with charging rates and cycle life that outstrip
Li-ion batteries, in a form that can be safely transported around the globe. At least, that’s the pitch.

ZapGo’s Carbon-Ion cell is a new category of energy storage device that incorporates patented advanced nano-structured carbons, a proprietary ionic electrolyte and improved fabrication techniques for enhanced energy density.

Carbon-Ion cells work in a manner similar to supercapacitors, i.e. maintaining their ability to provide rapid charging and long cycle life. If this is true, it represents a significant upgrade in the future of EV charging.

Here is the major catalyst of this stock. In mid December 2020, Corporate Universe announced their acquisition of Carbon Ion fka ZapGo/Battery EV Technology Company. ZapGo is a high technology electric battery development company building the next generation of energy storage devices.

They promise a safer, faster charging that does not use rare-earth materials and can be recycled at end of life. But is it too good to be true? This is a highly speculative stock.

The Future of EV Charging Stations Is Bright

The stock spiked out of nowhere to $0.48 on January 4th, 2021. At the end of January it seems on its way to entertain those levels once again. Do your own due diligence.

ZapGo’s promise is that it utilizes novel nano-carbon materials as well as proprietary electrolytes to produce an ultra-fast, safe, recyclable charging power module that charges in less than five minutes. So imagine a world with fast-charging stations for both EV and hybrid vehicles.

Now imagine the companies that own those charging stations. Here we have to imagine companies like EVgo, Blink Charging and maybe Corporate Universe’s unique ZapGo tech.

The EV sector has been stuffed with SPACs in recent months. EVgo joins the likes of Canoo, Fisker Inc., Lordstown Motors, Nikola, Arrival, Hyliion, and competitor ChargePoint in going public via the SPAC route. $COUV is a bit under the radar, but worth a look if you enjoy speculative EV penny stocks.

Just like an IPO, most of these won’t have attractive futures in a speculative EV market that builds hype mostly on anticipation rather than reality, so choose wisely.

Your homework, should you choose to accept it, is to do your due diligence of the following stocks:

  • Corporate Universe
  • ChargePoint
  • Blink Charging
  • EVgo

Tell me, which is the most affordable pick?

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