The Future Covid-19 Will Escape Our Immune Response

At the rate Covid-19 is mutating, there’s a pretty good chance that it won’t just negate 1st gen vaccines, but our immune response altogether. That has medical specialists terrified and you haven’t heard much about this on the news yet.

The problem with such a scenario is that it’s looking more and more like the conspiracy theory known as the Great Reset. The Anonymous YouTube website is kind of Illuminati-esque.

The Great Reset is a term popular with the WEF and is really a plan to reduce world population, maintain more control and transition democracy to economic plutocracy, what we at the Last Futurist term “mafia capitalism”. The shadow state of the U.S. and China are indeed powerful forces outside the understanding of most citizens.

The Covid-19 virus is mutating but it’s also mutating in a way that will mean it will be much more deadly.

New Covid strains ‘may even escape the immune response,’ says Biden Covid advisor.

  • “They’re more virulent, can cause more death, and some of them may even escape the immune response, whether it’s natural or from the vaccine,” said Dr. Celine Gounder.
  • The E484K mutation, which occurs on the spike protein of the virus, is the same change as has been seen in the South African and Brazilian variants that have caused international concern.
  • The UK variant of the coronavirus has developed a new, concerning mutation in a small number of cases, which scientists said makes it similar to the South African and Brazilian variants and could reduce the efficacy of vaccines. Public Health England said there had been 11 reports of the UK variant which feature the E484K mutation, mostly in south-west England. This was 3 days ago on Reuters.

Covid-19 is the most probable great reset scenario and the third wave of late 2021 could be the most dangerous.

When you create a crisis and are the solution, there’s a lot of profit to be made. New variants can re-infect people who already had the wild strain of Covid-19 previously. This means the U.S. could be re-infected, even with 30% of the population having already gotten the first wild strain.

The economic recovery of 2021 could be a myth. Several laboratory studies have found that vaccines and antibody therapy are less effective against the South African variant. The Covid-19 of 2022 is therefore partially resistant to vaccines and our immune system will be less able to combat it. This means it could develop into a full blown real pandemic that could more easily kill young and fully healthy people.

The Great Rest also means the shift from oil to clean energy and many other things also designed to make the richest people more money. BigTech has benefited from us staying home and advertising and software services have done incredibly well with the “new normal”.

If the next Covid-19 wave is able to evade our immune response, instead of having 1.5% of people who get it die, the death rate could be significantly higher. This would create the possibility of significant social unrest. A “booster shot” won’t be enough to keep up with the aggressive mutations of the virus since the virus will have so many more millions of chances to mutate into something more dangerous.

The name E484K, in layman’s terms, is like map coordinates. The number 484 is the exact location of the mutation, the letter E is the amino acid that it was originally and the letter K is the amino acid that it has mutated to. At the Last Futurist we’ve been writing for quite a while about how the South African variant becomes mainstream. Unfortunately the news, politicians and business leaders and even medical experts aren’t being 100% honest about what they know about this.

The Covid-19 variants will likely be more dangerous to a post-vaccinated world than we have been led to believe. If you are on the cautious side, you should be preparing accordingly. If this is the case, 2021 isn’t the dangerous year, it’s 2022 and 2023.

The first generation vaccines will be about 50% effective against the new variants with E484K, which are around 30-50% more contagious and mutating to improve. This mean the R rate of the following waves will be higher than the waves of the wild strain.

In such a scenario, Covid-19’s descendants could possibly wipe out more people than now seems likely. Just like people have trouble with exponential paradigms of the future, so too might they have issues understanding what these mutations really mean for our future against this pandemic.

When morbidity goes up with such a significant world population, the exponential impact to our social systems will also have a corresponding cause and effect.

The WEF’s use of the Great Reset terminology is very unfortunate. But that’s exactly what the end game of the pandemic will be. And it won’t just be a K-shaped recovery, it will be something far more dramatic for the future of work, consumerism, the economy, the stock market and the balance of social unrest and geopolitical power for the next part of the 21st century.

It’s somewhat cringe worthy when the world celebrates the vaccines and downplays what the pandemic is actually becoming. But such is the era of misinformation, premeditated “resets” and an consumer based economy so fragile that even central banks printing money won’t likely save it.

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