The Best Augmented Reality Penny Stock

At the Last Futurist, we’re always on the lookout for startups that have legit potential also reflected on the stock market. The best AR penny stock is actually a tie between $BHAT and $IPNFF, but always buy early if you want to be a winner on the new stock market paradigm.

I discovered $IPNFF in May, 2020 went it’s price was $0.003. Today, it’s price is $0.25. It recently surged to $0.36 on July 1st, 2020 at 11:30am.

So what? ImagineAR Inc. is the best Canadian AR startup and one of the best AR investments you can make on the OTC market.

ImagineAR Inc. provides an augmented reality (AR) platform that enables businesses to create and implement their own AR campaigns with no programming or technology experience. They are doing PR a lot better as their partnerships increase in 2020.

On LinkedIn they have less than 5 employees, so they are a true startup. IPNFF is a peculiar breakout of the Summer of 2020. So what’s with the uptake?

Accelerating Digital Transformation is creating new opportunities in the casino and sports betting and the digital gaming businesses. It is claimed IPNFF’s AR technology is now being used in TikTok videos, where it has the potential to go mainstream with millions of consumers. The Broward Florida school district recently deployed IPNFF’s AR technology, featuring celebrities Flo Rida and NBA start Dwayne Wade, in creating viral TikTok videos for the high school graduation class of 2020.

Just as $GNUS is using the celebrity card, so too is this tiny AR startup. The company is being hailed for its ability to utilize AR in new segments. ImagineAR appears to be gaining from the global sports industry as a disruptive technology capable of transforming the global football and sports industry. But how solid is that movement? Unlike $BHAT that has some serious scale, this stock is nearly too good to be true in its recent upwards momentum. It’s a buy at around $0.07 as it comes back down to Earth.

You can checkout their website here. They have less than 10 employees but have already 2 acquisitions and they are just 5 years old as a company. They also have 5 patents. When you get a 50% spike after already going up for a few days, people are going to take notice. So why does it matter?

Augmented Reality startups come and go. They get acquired. Still good technology startups are rocket fuel in the penny-stock world, as we saw in the rise of companies like $MARK, $MVIS and others in recent months. The company has American connections. As a startup, the company is getting better at partnerships in its attempt to scale its product and attach itself to important new verticals.

As an investor you have to like this. Forward this to 1:23 to skip the intro. Could ImagineAR become a scalable platform for Augmented Reality campaigns? That is the question in 2020.

True value of the stock is likely in the $0.03 to $0.07 range. That’s about the range when you want to be investing in penny stocks, since with the day trading boom, a stock that’s $0.10 can easily climb to $1.20 in the pump-and-dump waves of the constantly revolving door of sentiment and speculative favorites. Enough said! Good luck, traders.

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