Solasta Crown of the Magister Character Creation Guide

Today I’m reviewing the incredible depth of Solasta’s character creation system. If you were once a fan of D&D this game is for you and is currently trending on Steam in Early Access.

The layers of the character creation system are very interesting to me. You make your party of four true to the D&D 5th Edition rule set.

In addition to class, there are further specializations and backgrounds which can enhance your gameplay. The combination of ancestry, class and background means the customization is off the charts in comparison with most RPG games. I also prefer it to the Baldur’s Gate 3. Judging by Steam reviews, I’m not alone in this assessment.

If you are into video games here’s the deal about Solasta. The joke is Pathfinder Kingmaker and Xcom spent the night in an Inn; a few months later a baby was born. They called her Solasta.

Character customization is one of the keys to immersion and believing in the experience.

To take another look and check out this video below:

If you want to reincarnate those days of playing D&D this might be the game for you. It was released on October 20th, 2020 and is around $40. Here we are talking about a small studio of around 20 employees and their team and this game absolutely deserve the support. Their game will be absolutely awesome.

The character creation feels authentic and the level of personalization brings more complexity to the definition of the characters. It makes the game even more interesting. I hope you agree?

So there aren’t just Elves, Dwarves and Halflings but different types. There aren’t just Fighters but different types such as Paladins. True to D&D 5th Edition rules, you will first be selecting the Race & Sub-Race of your character, which will grant you Racial Features and Stat Bonuses. It’s all here like the times of old.

Having an original party with a tank, healer, rogue and wizard will be brought to life again. What is not to like? They respect the 5th edition rules. All the spells are very cleverly implemented. The verticality and the light are very interesting to play with, and the subclasses they invented are balanced and interesting. The lore is quite interesting too and quite original.

The Early Access of the game is on sale on Steam (15% off) until October 27th.

Check out the website home for character creation here. You party of four can be made up of:


Harnessing divine power, clerics shield their allies and smite their enemies. Although they are best known for healing magic, clerics can also hold their own in combat, facing evil toe to toe.

Clerics – and gods – came to Solasta along with the first humans, but the gods and their divine magic are now accepted by all species.


Not all rogues are thieves, though most will happily pick up unguarded valuables. Their stealth skills make them valuable scouts and sneak attackers, and their acute senses help the party find secret doors and avoid traps and ambushes. They also make useful snipers and ranged troops.

Like any other world, Solasta is home to many kinds of rogue. Some rob their fellow citizens, while others brave the perilous tombs and ruins of the past in search of treasure.


Heavily armed and armored, fighters live for battle. They are strong, skilled with multiple weapons, and tough enough to stand up to most kinds of foe.

Solasta is home to many martial traditions, including the magic-wielding spellblades, the tunnel-fighting mountaineer and the peerless champion.


Wizards are masters of the arcane arts, able to shape the forces of magic. Rather than rushing in with weapons, they cast spells that weaken their enemies from a distance – so long as their comrades keep them safe.

The magical traditions of Solasta are descended from the fallen empire of the high elves, but knowledge of arcane magic has spread to all species.


Wanderers of Solasta’s wilderness, rangers sleep more comfortably in the wilds than in a town inn, lulled by to the sounds of nature rather than the chatter of people.

Trained hunters and trackers, they are skilled in outdoor survival, fierce in battle, and stealthy when stalking a foe. They also have access to spells that channel the power of nature.


Paladins are elite warriors, sworn to fight against evil using the divine power of their patron deity as well as their martial skills. The details of their oath can vary, but all paladins are tireless champions of truth, right, and justice.

Between tours of duty guarding temples and performing other sacred duties, paladins wander the land spreading justice and righting wrongs in accordance with their sacred oaths.

Of course it’s the incredible variation of the above and how much you can customize them that’s the real magic of this game.

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