Social Life Network $WDLF Review

While the market is down today, one micro cap stock seems to be holding up well and that’s $WDLF. It’s currently at a price of $0.0214. At just two cents, does it actually hold much value? Let’s take a look.

You can view its Reddit here. In the era of WSB, stocks now typically have dedicated sub-reddits. So why are most stocks down 10% while this stock is in the green? This is a pandemic recovery play.

Located in Denver, Social Life Network is a technology company that licenses Social Life Network Software as a Service (SaaS) Internet platform to residential real estate industry and various sports verticals.

Is there much pent up demand for sports and real-estate? Certainly the exodus from Cities would suggest so with low interest environments. This is their Twitter. The management of this company also like Podcasts. I will embed one from February 22nd. This is not a promotion of the company, do your own due diligence.

They have just 11,500 followers on Stocktwits. The stock’s price was $0.04 on February 17th. Now that penny stocks are in a “bear market” during the last 10 days, the stock is at a discount of half of its peak.

The five year chart suggests a baseline price of the stock at between $0.10 and $0.15. This means the stock may be under-valued considering the various innovations it’s undertaken, especially in the cannabis sector. Check out their initiative.

Interestingly while you think real-estate and sports, in April 2020 they described themselves also having an AI and blockchain component. When they said: Social Life Network, Inc. is an artificial intelligence and blockchain powered social network and e-commerce technology company based in Denver Colorado. This suggests the startup is experiment with a number of different subsidiaries and business models.

Visit their website here. You can read their corporate presentation deck here. So here we have a startup that’s into many different things. So in addition to all of these things, they also consider themselves a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) that provides tech start-ups with seed technology development, legal guidance, and executive leadership, making it easier for start-up founders to focus on raising capital, perfecting their business model, and growing their network usership. Well, Denver would be the right place to do that as an up-and-coming tech scene of the Colorado area.

So to summarize Social Life Network is involved in:

  • Technology Business Incubator providing startups guidance
  • Blockchain
  • Cannabis
  • Social networks of real-estate and sports verticals
  • SaaS
  • Niche E-commerce platforms
  • Their focus on the cannabis / Sports / Real-estate intersections could be profitable.

Launched in January 2013, our mission is to create shareholder value by selling or taking public the companies that we incubate. So 7 years is around the golden mean period of when a startup hits maturity or goes bust. We feel this startup appears to be innovating and busy.

Importantly, their revenue shows acceleration.

Social Life Network has an interesting business model. Their revenue model includes a fee of 5% from the profit that our licensees generate on their networks, and a 15% stake in their company when they reach a liquidity event. As of 4th quarter 2020, Social Life has seven licensees, of which three are in the process of public offerings on NASDAQ or the NYSE.

The quality of the podcasts is okay. That they mention AI is a bit weird, since a startup of this size (unlike $CLWD) cannot be expected to have very good AI integrated in their product. But that’s okay, it’s a common tactic startups use.

The company claims 160 million potential users as a TAM in the United States. It’s not clear how they arrive at these figures. You can check out their past investor podcasts here.

In summary, $WDLF appears to have some trajection and have experienced significant progress in 2020. They can fuel more startups post-pandemic in the small business golden age of the 2023-2027 period.

Trying to discover about MJlink and how it’s related to Social Life Network is a bit obscure. You can fast forward to 13:00 of that podcast to get better info.

With the stimulus package, and more volume/watchers this stock could continue to surge in the Spring of 2021, provided the bull-market doesn’t get mixed up with inflation worries. Price target: $0.08. Getting in to this name below $0.03 may make some sense in the red week we are having.

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