Role of Aviptadil in COVID-19

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With exponential cases of the Kent variant likely to increase, Covid-19 treatments that reduce mortality will be key.

COVID-19 pandemic resulted in large number of death worldwide. Search for effective prevention
and treatment option is still evolving. Aviptadil, is a synthetic form of Human Vasoactive Intestinal
Polypeptide (VIP) tried in the treatment of COVID-19. It is available for inhalational and intra
venous use. Treatment with Aviptadil showed promising results in Corona virus infected critically
ill patients.

  • Treatment with Aviptadil showed promising results in Corona virus infected critically ill patients.
  • On April 6th, 2021 NeuroRx, Inc. reported that Aviptadil, to be supplied by NeuroRx, has been identified by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as one of two drugs selected for inclusion in a phase III multicenter clinical trial that will include the United States and multiple foreign countries.
  • Aviptadil is considered safe for use which could accelerate its EUA in countries where the Kent variant becomes more serious.

In Europe, Aviptadil is approved for human use and has been shown to be safe in phase II trials for sarcoidosis, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchospasm, erectile dysfunction as well as in a phase I trial in ARDS in the past two decades. In the US, VIP has been given FDA Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of ARDS and was admitted to the FDA Corona Virus Technology Accelerator Program.

In a phase I trial of Aviptadil performed by Sami Said in the early 2000s, eight patients with severe ARDS on mechanical ventilation were treated with ascending doses of intravenous VIP. Seven patients (88%) were successfully extubated and were alive at the five day time point. Six (75%) left the hospital and one (13%) died of an unrelated cardiac event.

  • Recent 2b/3 trials also showed higher survival rates for ICU patients. A meaningful benefit in survival (P = < .001).

While the micro cap stock market is in a correction phase in March and April, 2021, $RLFTF is considered one of the best choices for an OTC stock choice for a Covid-19 treatment play we speculate. This is because vaccinations don’t seem to be enough to reduce VOC (Variants of concern) infection rates with higher viral loads. You need effective vaccines and treatments together to lower the risk to the general population.

Due to a lack of compliance and populations not fully trusting mRNA vaccines including people in the army and nurses themselves, herd immunity is not a realistic target for most of the world or any country where travel is an important part of the economy.

This suggests that the Kent, Mumbai and other new variants will be more adaptive even against our vaccinated populations and impacting more young people. Therefore, more money will be devoted to promising treatments.

  • NeuroRx confirmed plans to apply immediately to the United States Food and Drug Administration for Emergency Use Authorization and to subsequently submit a New Drug Application. However no sure timeline has been given.

Across all patients and sites, ZYESAMI™ met the primary endpoint for successful recovery from respiratory failure at days 28 (P = .014) and 60 (P = .013) and also demonstrated a meaningful benefit in survival (P = < .001) after controlling for ventilation status and treatment site. This positive result suggests that an inhaler version of the drug could be something that will go mainstream in 2022.

While the U.S. has poured money into vaccines, when it becomes clear vaccines alone aren’t enough, we can expect more treatments to get priority and be fast-tracked. Even with an increase in vaccines, cases in the U.S. are rising due to widespread contagion of the Kent variant with multiple other variants also spreading in New York, California and Florida.

It seems probable Aviptadil will have a bigger role to reduce mortality rates in ICUs in the mid to long-term future. A European Phase 2b/3 clinical trial is planned to be initiated later this year. The price of $RLFTF is $0.29 at the time of writing this article. It is assumed it has a potential to be around $1.30 in the future. This is not financial advice, just speculation. Due to the safety and positive benefits of Aviptadil, ZYESAMI™ could be a household name in the future.

Given the risks to our lungs (even in asymptomatic cases), becoming a long-hauler, and the spike in young people being hospitalized, it’s urgent that this drug is approved. Average daily volume for Relief Therapeutics Holding AG, ticker $RLFTF is twelve million shares per day traded as of mid April, 2021.

Furthermore it’s the Last Futurist’s prediction that Aviptadil will be the primary way to negate the potential of becoming a long-hauler and reduce long-term Covid-19 symptoms apart and beyond its obvious reduction in ICU mortality rates. Even if mortality is drastically reduced, preventing long-haulers becomes an urgent situation for the reduction of healthcare costs that are ballooning out of control.

Aviptadil is a synthetic form of human vasoactive intestinal peptide that reduces inflammation in the lungs and protects the alveolar type II cells that are believed to be an entry route for the SARS-CoV-2 to invade the lungs. You can read more about it here.

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