Relief Therapeutics ZYESAMI Shows Reduction in Covid-19 Deaths

At the Last Futurist, we are a fan of companies that can save lives in the Third Wave, where variants are walking over Europe, South America and South Asia very quickly in 2021, which could get quite serious.

On March 29th, NeuroRx, Inc. reported its 60-day results of the Phase 2b/3 trial of intravenously-administered ZYESAMI™ (aviptadil acetate) for the treatment of respiratory failure in critically ill patients with COVID-19. Zyesami is being developed in collaboration with Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (SIX:RLF,OTCQB:RLFTF).

Results indicate that across all patients and sites, ZYESAMI™ met the primary endpoint for successful recovery from respiratory failure at days 28 (P = .014) and 60 (P = .013) and also demonstrated a meaningful benefit in survival (P = < .001) after controlling for ventilation status and treatment site.

The tickers related to this are:

  • $RLFTF
  • $BRPA

We believe that Relief Therapeutics at a stock price of $0.36 (up 26%) is the better bet. We think the company is undervalued and that the stock will reach $0.80 in April 2021 and higher still once it gets EUA in the U.S.

There are many posts on Reddit this week that do due diligence on the case of Relief:

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  • And here.

If you cannot buy an OTC stock $BRPA could be alright but won’t see the same percentage of ROI. So how effective could this potential remedy be?

  • In this group, ZYESAMI™ patients had a 71% chance of successful recovery by day 28 vs. 48% in the placebo group (P = .017) and a 75% rate of successful recovery by day 60 vs. 55% in the placebo group (P = .036).

Zyesami is a synthetic vasointestinal peptide. Eighty-four percent (84%) of HFNC patients treated at tertiary medical centers with ZYESAMI™ survived to day 60 compared with 60% of those treated with placebo (P = .007). That’s pretty significant and will definitely get a good review by the FDA. Americans are so lax after the vaccine roll-out, their young people are going to get quite a shock.

The Relief Therapeutics $RLFTF news and PR has also been especially weak. The micro-cap bear market also means few stocks go up over 20% in a single day without getting a correction the next day. The micro-cap market is rather gloomy in March 2021. Not to mention a Swiss biotech company that many investors have never heard of.

Best Penny Stock of Spring of 2021

It’s rather interesting however. VIP is a peptide which is naturally produced by the body. It is mostly produced in the GI tract with neuronal, epithelial, and endocrine cell functions in the lungs, brain and bowel. To the company’s knowledge, ZYESAMI™ is the first COVID-19 therapeutic to demonstrate advantages in both survival and recovery from critical COVID-19 in a randomized, double-blind multicenter trial.

Some of the general claims on Reddit however are dangerous and misleading. Still what do you expect, it’s Reddit. NeuroRx plans to apply immediately to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and to subsequently submit a New Drug Application (NDA).

Given the efficacy of double mutants, in the area of 10x the amount of young people are expected to be hospitalized in the third wave. So a therapy that can reduce mortality rates will be especially useful. There’s some indication that RLF-100 has the ability to block the COVID-19 Virus, prevent or reduce symptoms of cytokine storm, heal or protect the lungs and improve blood oxygenation with a mortality reduction.

Treatment with ZYESAMI™ or placebo was in addition to standard of care treatment that included steroids, convalescent plasma, antiviral therapy, anticoagulants, and various anti-cytokine drugs. So obviously the placebo group were getting quite a lot of treatment. Adding Relief’s Aviptadil/VIP just seemed to lead to much better outcomes.

Given many countries don’t yet have adequate vaccine supply, fast-tracking EUAs is a very real possibility. Given how controversial AZ is in Europe, it’s badly needed there as well. In the long term we anticipate, given an EUA and global adoption, the price of $RLFTF could reach over $3. That would likely occur in 2022 and be a useful treatment for Covid-19 in its endemic future, potentially saving many lives. See March 29th PR here.

$RLFTF has had a recent low of $0.27 and a high of $0.63. It is currently undervalued with multiple pending catalysts. It has less than 5,000 followers on Stocktwits. Check out the NeuroRX collab here.

The little-known Swiss biopharmaceutical developer has incredible potential as a penny stock on the cusp of a Covid-19 breakthrough. NeuroRX will merge with Big Rock Partners which will also make $RLFTF go up. In addition to more young people impacted in the Third Wave, we’ll have many millions more long haulers globally (around 20% of cases). I believe this therapy could actually reduce the severity of the symptoms of long haulers. As the micro-cap bear market lifts in April or May, 2021 we can expect this stock to move higher with less resistance.

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