Relief Therapeutics Holding Covid-19 Play

I’m a huge fan of how biotech stocks are volatile in 2021, but I don’t pretend to always understand the stockmarket. $RLFTF is down around 45% today.

Here’s the thing, I totally disagree. Check out their Phase 2b/3 Trial results. If authorized for use, ZYESAMI would be the first drug indicated specifically for COVID-19 patients who are critically ill with respiratory failure. If an inhaler helps Covid-19 patients, this is a good thing, no?

We are talking about reduced ICU times for Covid-19 variant patients, which will be a huge thing in the Fall of 2021 with the 3rd Wave. The increased efficacy of early (and inhaled) administration is a truly promising, even if some aren’t as happy with the results as we had hoped.

At the Last Futurist we see huge potential in Covid-19 plays namely because we don’t believe Vaccines will allow herd immunity due to the variants. The news and the medical experts are saying two different things, and perhaps there are political reasons for this. $OCGN, $TYME and $RLFTF remain some of the most promising Covid-19 plays in the stock market in early 2021. Time will show they are.

The stock has always been pretty volatile. But it’s a Swiss company that’s very trustworthy, see their website.

Jonathan Javitt, M.D., M.P.H., CEO of NeuroRx, said: “We are greatly encouraged by these preliminary findings and believe they are indicative of a biologic effect of aviptadil in hastening recovery from Critical COVID-19. We expect to discuss with the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory authorities the submission of an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) so that ZYESAMI can be available for treating this population that is at immediate risk of death and for which there is no approved therapy.”

Differences in survival rates come after day 28, so this is a useful thing for late-stage Covid-19 patents who are on ventilators for a long time. Any treatment that makes a positive difference for patient outcomes is certainly a good thing for a pandemic where vaccines aren’t particularly effective vs the new variants. This is what I get out of the results:

  • Significant Reduction in hospital stay is excellent news and may lead to EUA.
  • No impact on mortality is not what we expected but improvement in SOC probably should have warned us that might be the case.
  • Respiratory endpoint still not evaluated and could be significant. Remember lots of people are discharged from hospitals but continue to have respiratory issues. X-rays also could yield positive news.

So while the results are not incredible, there’s a lot to be excited about too. I believe Zyesami could be a game-changer for critical patients, and trust me we are going to see a lot more of them in the Winter wave of late 2021. The sell-off today is very counter-intuitive for me. Especially in Europe where vaccine roll-out is going to be a disaster. Think about it, ZYESAMI would be the first drug indicated specifically for COVID-19 patients who are critically ill with respiratory failure.

Sometimes the stock market really isn’t logical. When we deny that the pandemic isn’t over it’s a real problem for society. AstraZeneca is such a failure with the South African variant, they see no point in giving it to the population. That’s one of the main vaccines of Europe. How do you honestly think Covid-19 plays out in 2021?

The study showed that patients who were treated with the maximal standard of care plus ZYESAMI benefited significantly from the treatment, compared to those treated with placebo plus maximal standard of care. Why would you not buy this stock on the dip? $RLFTF.

I understand that retail investors don’t real very well but in the study, patients treated with ZYESAMI were discharged earlier from hospital care than those treated with placebo. What more do you want? Further study of ZYESAMI’s role in critical COVID-19 will be conducted under the BARDA and DOD Medical Countermeasures-funded I-SPY trial. It’s too soon to give up on this Covid-19 play in our opinion.

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