Reddit Army GameStop 2.0 Stocks of January 28th, 2021

Thursday could be a pretty volatile historic day that is January 28th, 2021. You ready for a rebellion? It’s not just Reddit anymore folks. That 3 million subreddit has spawned something much bigger.

Here are some of our top pics based on what we have seen with the Wallstreetbets speculation. Do your own due diligence, but some of these will be huge winners.

Is this a regime change of speculation? Does it matter? This ain’t just about Gamestop anymore. This is about a new era of speculation based on Fed liquidity, stimulus and the wisdom-greed of the crowd & choosing their own (mostly highly shorted) winners.

Check out the most shorted stocks.
Check out the AH movement.

The Reddit Rebellion is Spreading

  • $NAKD
  • $AMC
  • $GNUS (Genius Brands is often shorted)
  • $BLIAQ (Block Busters)
  • $TUEM
  • $NOK (Nokia)
  • $NTN
  • $EXPR
  • $SENS
  • $M (Macy’s)
  • $JILL (retail is a good sector, double catalyst + recovery & Reddit army)
  • $KOSS
  • $SPCE
  • $INO
  • $CRBS
  • $AAL
  • $SKT
  • $SSFT
  • $SNDL

Check High-Interest Stocks.

With stocks soaring while millions are out of work and struggling to pay bills, it’s not news that the stock market doesn’t reflect our actual economy.

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) January 27, 2021

Guide to how to Pick Stocks during a Wall Street Rebellion

So while the Reddit revolution lowers confidence in the stock market, some stocks will demonstrate extraordinary volatility.

I think you want to look for stocks that are low in price with high short positions. That’s the best opportunity this week and next week for stock picking.

The rise of the VIX is actually good for this play. The Vix is currently at 37.21, going up 61% on Wednesday January 27th, 2021.

So the speculation means crowd-greed can lead to gain porn. The kids must be alright. Ponzi scheme Reddit or just the crowd having their day against institutional shorts? It can be argued both ways. The fundamentals of a stonk (Elon Musk coined this term) are going against the shorts, with crowd-sharing support, it’s really that simple.

The Reddit movement is spawning a long list of rather effective behavior modification memes.

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