Pershing Square Rumors – The Biggest SPAC of them All

Hello Bill Ackman, you have a nice treasure chest. In the range of $5-7 Billion is a lot for a mere SPAC. SPACs are mortal but in 2021, they might as well be forever!

In reality there are very few companies big enough to fit the bill, so what are some of the rumors?

  • Bloomberg
  • Stripe
  • Rivian
  • SpaceX
  • Starlink
  • Blue Origin
  • ByteDance

The Space theme timing might be right, be all of this is pure speculation.

Bill Ackman is PSTH’s Chairman and CEO. He’s a pretty rich dude who likes to game the stockmarket (what Billionaire doesn’t right?).

The stock $PSTH is $29.30 on mere speculation. That’s what a SPAC is for, all that pent up anticipation super-charged with stimulus Fed liquidity. Last September the stock was $21.

So what do they say? PSTH has not yet selected any specific business combination target. PSTH intends to pursue merger opportunities with private, large capitalization, high-quality, growth companies. If they can’t get SpaceX or Blue Origin they might have to settle for Bloomberg. Not very exciting. Literally nobody cares about Bloomberg, least of all Millennials. Microsoft should buy them out.

If Wall Street were regulated properly, the SPACs we are seeing in 2021, would not be legal. But the stock market is not a place of great ethics of transparency. Most of these SPACs of 2021, will indeed go bust, at a higher rate back when startups were actually profitable. Bill Aackman knows that, but who cares, so long as they can make some money.

The reality is 6 $Billion could even be enough to lure Stripe or Bytedance to IPO. Two of the biggest companies yet to go public.

This SPAC is fiscally healthy, lending much confidence to prospective buyers and February 2021 might be the best time ever to go IPO and the faster the better. With a vaccine and a new stimulus bill in the works, the stock market is rolling in the green.

Ackman has a bad history of getting into the Food sector. One can pray he chooses something a bit more exciting. The company says PSTH will use PSCM’s substantial experience in identifying, analyzing, and determining business quality and the sustainable competitive advantages of a target company, as well as PSCM’s due diligence and negotiation expertise in executing a transaction.

It could super-charge Starlink and what a splash that would make. Confidence in Elon Musk, SpaceX and the space sector is at an all-time high. Another high-splash choice would be Amazon backed Rivian. On the other hand, Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon’s CEO could mean its Blue Origin.

Blue Origin will be a formidable competitor to SpaceX in the end, since it’s Bezos’s pet project that he really cares about.

Jeff Bezos is worth $185 Billion today but is the most likely person to be the first Trillionaire. If SpaceX is maniacal about Mars, I think Blue Origin will be a leader in the Ceres Disk. Ceres is an asteroid with water and a Ceres space station is highly likely before 2040. All of which makes the speculation around $PSTH rather intriguing for the Last Futurist.


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