Most Undervalued Startups on the Stock Market

At the Last Futurist we recently outlined some of our principles of investing and trading. This is for the benefit of our community to make more money. Share it with a close friend who you think can benefit the most from the tips, links and some of the things we have learned along the way.

In this article we are going to list some companies we feel are legit startups with valid business models and good prospects for the coming months and especially in the winter and spring of 2021. Due to the positive catalysts in the market — stimulus, vaccines, low interest rates and a small business renaissance — we feel these are both safe and high-growth companies to invest in.

This is not financial advice, and always do your own due diligence on these companies. This is just a list. If you pick the best ones you will see significant movement and getting in early is so key for high-growth small cap stocks. They are listed in no particular order: (many of these have already run from lower levels, some of them will continue to do so).

Moreover since new investors are coming to the market and will be tempted to play momentum trades and since Stocktwits now has OTC tickers, the startups that we will target here are mostly below $0.20. This is one of the most lucrative points in a company’s development since some of those will rise to $.50, and others will eventually go beyond the $1.00 mark. For percentage based ROI those are acceptable margins:

Top Small Cap Growth Stocks for Week of February 8th, 2021

  • $SBFM
  • $ASTI
  • $GAXY
  • $UAV (TSX)
  • $CLWD
  • $HYSR
  • $WDLF
  • $DFLYF
  • $IOTX
  • $ALYI
  • $NSPX
  • $BRTX
  • $BSRC
  • $INKW
  • $DLOC

Now we will get to some more expensive momentum plays:

  • $ENKS
  • $CTRM
  • $LKNCY
  • $MOTNF
  • $SIRC
  • $BOXL
  • $MOGU
  • $CIDM
  • $KSHB
  • $AMJJ
  • $ZOM
  • $NAKD

Please share this article with one trusted investing friend and it will benefit them too. At the Last Futurist, we are constantly on the lookout for valid startups in high-growth areas with undervalued stocks for maximum returns. We want to help new investors on their journey to self-employed freedom and if possible, FIRE, financial independence retire early. Oh, and can someone tell New Money to do videos based on our awesome content? That would be nice.

Few people realize this, but last week was actually the small-cap rotation into the cannabis stocks under $1.00. Did you invest in any of those?

If you knew how unique this investing/trading opportunity is in 2021, how hard would you work? If you knew how many new investors and capital are flooding into the markets, how tempted would you be to be a diamond hand on your favorite growth stock? These are questions for our generation, and at the Last Futurist we have some of the answers.

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