Most Undervalued Biotech Is a Non-Hormonal Birth Control Gel

I’m not afraid to say it, Phexxi rocks. Phexxi is a new non-hormonal birth control method. It is a prescription vaginal gel that prevents pregnancy. Talk about non-invasive. Phexxi prevents pregnancy by lowering the pH in your vagina when sperm is there. This makes it hard for sperm to move, which lowers the chance that sperm and egg can meet.

What is the company? It’s called Evofem Bioscience and at the Last Futurist we are very bullish on the stock. We think people will actually be having sex again after the pandemic, duh!

For women, it’s really simple. Administer one pre-filled applicator of PHEXXI (5 grams) vaginally immediately before or up to one hour before each act of vaginal intercourse. If more than one act of vaginal intercourse occurs within one hour, an additional dose must be applied.

For retail investors with stimulus money, it’s also really simple. The stock is only $2.76 and with this product, its “real value” is likely over $40.

In 2022 the Phexxi campaign will hit a new level, so you have time to get into this stock. “Get Phexxi,” its national direct-to-consumer (DTC) campaign aimed at broadening awareness of its non-hormonal, on-demand birth control method, Phexxi® (lactic acid, citric acid and potassium bitartrate) vaginal gel has already achieved significant initial results.

  • The “Get Phexxi” DTC commercial garnered over 173 million views in just the first three weeks following the campaign launch on Valentine’s Day.
  • A 73% increase in monthly ex-factory sales of Phexxi (unit shipments from warehouse to wholesalers, each containing 12 single-dose Phexxi applicators) in February 2021.
  • Ex-factory sales for the first quarter of 2021 exceeded levels for full-year 2020 by March 12, 2021, with over 9,100 units shipped quarter-to-date.

Millennial and GenZ women will also prefer a non-hormonal method of birth control that’s not really invasive. The stock was more than double what it is today one year ago. The five year chart shows the stock has a habit of reaching as high as $12. But if the Phexxi product takes off, the stock could easily surpass $20, reaching at peak around $45.

To learn more about Phexxi go here. Phexxi is used right before sex, or up to 1 hour before sex, and is effective immediately. I’ll invest in safe sex and female driven biotech any day of the week. I also find the Phexxi box rather sexy, pictured above, wouldn’t you say?

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