Is MicroVision $MVIS a LiDAR Scam?

In this climate of pump and dumps you have to be at least a bit skeptical. Here is a company that was $0.30 and is now nearly $10 after a 26% gain so far today.

This is some of the worst speculation we’ve ever seen on Stocktwits. Where bears are blocked who don’t even short, you are blocked for having a contrarian position and pointing out obvious things about fundamentals. That’s me.

The stock was $0.24 in April 2020 and as low as $0.18 in March. Microvision, Inc. develops scanning technology to create a high-resolution miniature projection and three-dimensional sensing and image capture solutions under the PicoP brand name in the United States.

Now it’s featured as some kind of up-and-coming LiDAR company? What did I miss? This company as a startup has been stuck in R&D its entire life. News flash, since oh, 1993!

The company’s products are supposedly used in Microsoft’s Hololens; for interactive and non-interactive projected displays; 3D perceptive light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensing for consumer electronics; augmented/mixed reality; and 3D Perceptive LiDAR sensing for automotive active collision avoidance systems.

This sounds like a company that would have DD on Reddit, but that you can’t find very good information on that has been pumped. If you like to speculate online you can’t go wrong in a Fed pumped market, but there’s a high chance $MVIS is a total scam.

Here is their website. Use some common sense. Today +26% on no news. Very suspicious. The startup only has around 30 employees. They don’t have significant revenue. The fundamentals suggest they are running out of cash and will likely be acquired soon. They have a history of potential fraud allegations.

I would sooner be investing in sinking ships like $AMC before a suspect startup like this. Do your own due diligence, and wtf due diligence do you actually do?

They claim that by combining our hardware, software, and algorithms with our machine learning capabilities, we can unlock value for our customers by providing them a truly differentiated and superior solution. You idiots were founded in 1993. If you had a real product in 25 years, where is it? Something is very wrong in Washington State startups and former Microsoft employees.

This is a corporate startup husk if I ever saw one. At the Last Futurist we don’t short stocks, but buyer beware. Today we saw 31 million in trading on $MVIS for pure speculation, and it’s not even funny.

You can find their investor presentations here. Their 52-week range low is $0.15. What? This should be a penny stock, not $10. Did they pay someone to spam it on Reddit? This is what their 5 year chart looks like. Are you guys investing or gambling? I have to ask.

The company’s tech allows it to create high-resolution miniature projection displays and LiDAR sensors that are supposed to add value to AR and VR? Give me a break. It’s nice that your name, Microvision, sounds like Microsoft. The reality is they are scrambling for a revenue source, and failing at doing that. They have been propped up by hedge funds and state retirement funds. Someone is going to acquire them for their IP and dismantle the company, congrats.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 uses projectors from Microvision. That doesn’t mean you have a real business model. If you mostly do R&D since 1993, and nearly 30 years later you only have 30 employees, that’s not a real technology startup. If their IP or talent was any good, they would have been acquired already.

Reddit DDs take great pains to try to paint how this company has a future. But it doesn’t. Nor do the valuations make any sense, when it used to be worth $0.15 and it will soon be worth $15. Of course the new generation of traders think that what’s on Reddit (or YouTube for that matter) means it’s real.

These are not good or reliable sources for stock information unfortunately. They are primary pump and dump bad actors trying to manipulate the wild speculation on a business for their own personal gain.

Just like WSB wasn’t a real movement, you can join the cult of Microvision here for yourself. Welcome to the world of social amplification for profit. The even create elaborate presentations of why you MUST buy $MVIS. Sure! This is the internet’s equivalent of the door-to-door salesman of ages past.

Sure, I believe you! A lovely shiny world where patents translate into diamond hands. A world seemingly just realized by the retail investor recently.

The reality is after all these years, it turns out Apple is the only company in the world that can make effective AR/VR glasses, and they aren’t even out yet. I wonder if naïve Microvision investors ever heard of a real startup called Magic Leap? Guess what happend to them?

It wasn’t long ago that it was said that Microvision is essentially a science project that has gone nowhere after 25 years, says short-seller Hindenburg Research, and sadly I have to concur. There’s no tangible evidence to the contrary. Shorts might not be so popular after the Gamestop movement, but they exist for a reason. It’s because most of us don’t actually have much common sense for how market fundamentals work, and how over time, always work.

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