Elon Musk Must Be Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto 2021 Tesla Reasons

The search for Nakomoto has been going on for years. However the recent move by Tesla to put 8% of its corporate cash into Bitcoin could signal many companies will end up doing the same and that Bitcoin will one day become the default reserve currency of the free world (not in China, where the digital Yuan will rule).

Tesla’s move obviously was orchestrated by Elon Musk. He had most to gain by creating Bitcoin, therefore it’s likely to be him.

Years later and with Bitcoin at all-time high levels, I have to agree with Sahil. Who is that? In a post on blogging website Medium, Sahil Gupta, who is a former intern at Musk’s space company SpaceX, theorized that “Satoshi is probably Elon.”

While it would be glamorous to think that Bitcoin is the invention of some mathematician or a hand-me-down from aliens to give the world blockchain, that’s probably not true. The simplest answers are usually the right ones. With billionaires pumping crypto and the recent Tesla move, the richest man in the world is likely the person behind the first and original blockchain.

In recent years companies like Square, PayPal, Robinhood, even Facebook and now Tesla have pivoted their business to be aligned with crypto and Bitcoin. There’s a growing push to make Bitcoin the world’s next reserve currency.

While this seems hard to believe in 2020, just wait till 2025, or wait till civilization is on Mars, for example. Musk in the past has noted that the future Mars economy could be based on cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin.

Elon Musk can deny being Satoshi, but it makes less sense to believe him now than it did years ago. If you haven’t noticed, Elon is not exactly Mr. Honest online.

Debate has been ongoing since the original bitcoin paper that outlined how the cryptocurrency would work was released in 2008, at the heart of the Great Recession. Now in the heart of the pandemic, Bitcoin is at an all-time high. Big coincidence?

Elon Musk is the person behind Bitcoin, blockchain and the crypto movement. By putting nearly 10% of its corporate cash of Tesla, Musk is trying to legitimize Bitcoin, forever. That is not done by someone who has no vested interest in the future of crypto, just as Jack Dorsey was privately accumulating the asset, or how other billionaires are the whales.

CEO Elon Musk has been credited for raising the prices of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, through his messages on Twitter. It’s no coincidence. Free marketing. Twitter’s CEO is none other than Jack Dorsey. Coincidence? Not really. Elon Musk is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Tesla also said it will start accepting payments in bitcoin in exchange for its products “subject to applicable laws and initially on a limited basis.” That would make Tesla the first major automaker to do so. How Tesla is governed aligns with Elon Musk’s real values. Elon’s companies won’t ever actually go bankrupt because he owns Satoshi’s Bitcoin stash. Back then each block yielded 50 BTC.

Between January and July 2009, Satoshi is thought to have mined more than 1 million BTC in total, likely making him the most prolific miner in Bitcoin history. Are you really so naïve as to think that’s not Elon Musk? It’s all starting to make sense.

Today the price of 1 Bitcoin in US dollars is $47, 519. What’s the term? An all-time high. This occurred after Tesla’s announcement.

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