Covid-19 Mutations Worst Case Scenario

The stock market correction won’t just be about GameStop. The truth is the B.1.1.7 will gain mainstream hold on most countries by the spring of 2021. This is the real reason why the U.S. and the U.K. are hoarding their vaccines.

In the U.S. we have a Columbus strain that’s hardly been reported on. Even as hospitalization go down during the late winter, the world isn’t preparing us for the fall of 2021. Instead they will say with vaccines we have won.

We didn’t use genome sequencing enough, didn’t stop flights enough, and Covid-19 mutations like the South African variant point to an exponential rise of more dangerous cases. P.1 in Brazil has shown it can re-infect people who have already had the original wild strain.

The dirty secret is that the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines that the U.S., U.K, Russia and China are rushing to the population won’t really protect much against the more advanced mutations of Covid-19. Too many people will be infected for us to easily keep up with the mutations and that’s what we will see in the winter of 2022, with a more deadly wave.

Health officials are also concerned about a different strain found in South Africa that could become more resistant to vaccine protection. However this is just the first mutation that’s post-vaccine in capability. There will certainly be others as the spike protein continues to mutate.

From L.A. to Portugal we’re seeing new mutations that aren’t even being named. Since B.1.1.7 is 56% more contagious, that’s all to say that it’s likely around 25% more deadly as well. More contagious mutations obviously become more dangerous and eventually it’s not ventilators that we will lack, but nurses and staff, as this keeps on going.

Combine this with Russian and Chinese vaccines that aren’t that effective to begin with means that we have massive fraud at so many levels, making us believe we’ve evaded the worst case scenario, but the data doesn’t indicate that we have.

Most of the mutations increase viral load, which can make them more deadly. Long term Covid-19 cases also can have severe mental health, neurological, cardiovascular, chronic fatigue and other presenting symptoms. As the cases of long-haulers add up this also presents us with a costly long-term healthcare situation.

Doctors are now concerned that the pandemic will lead to a significant surge of people battling lasting illnesses and disabilities. However we aren’t admitting this will be a problem on a global level.

Many of B.1.1.7’s many mutations going global is the most important part of our battle against Covid-19 in 2021. Many of those consequences will be seen mostly in 2022. It doesn’t matter if the U.S. reaches herd immunity with the first generation of vaccines, because globally that won’t eradicate Covid-19.

The virus is faster than our ability to effectively administer vaccines, even with dozens of companies on the front lines. However that’s not what we will tell the world, given the fear and economic hardships.

In 2021 we’ll realize that we are in for the worst case scenario of Covid-19. It’s dawned on many medical workers already. The fact that SARS-CoV-2 is morphing into potentially more dangerous strains isn’t a surprise, but it’s one that the public has been ill prepared psychologically to accept. Everything from the real economy, to the impacted industries, to the stock markets will be impacted.

With more advanced mutations, the immune response from the vaccines may not be as strong or prolonged. This means many people will be re-infected or have potentially many bouts with Covid-19 as a whole. This means that the “return to normal” narrative is mostly a lie by politicians, vaccine companies and news agencies.

We won’t be back to normal in the fall of 2022 and globally the entire issue must be dealt with, not simply in our home countries.

The worst case scenario is really simple and it has already occurred. The South African variant has a number of additional mutations including changes to some of the virus’ spike protein which are concerning. The spike protein is what the coronavirus uses to gain entry into human cells.

It is also the bit that vaccines are designed around, which is why experts are worried about these particular mutations. B.1.1.7 and her descendants mean the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t even close to being over.

The best vaccines of the 1st generation will be around 50% effective, which is obviously better than nothing. But it does not end the pandemic. It only gives the illusion of lowering the curve for a few months. Getting a booster to 7.6 Billion people every 4 months for the latest mutation is probably not going to be realistic. So what do you suppose happens?

In even in the best case scenario the vaccines will not be distributed quickly enough to prevent the “explosive spread of alarming” new Covid strains. So we have to start to ask ourselves as individuals, families and communities what are the worst case scenarios? What if the potential for exponential growth of the B.1.1.7 strain is just the beginning?

When we are actually and finally told more about the California or the Columbus variants so close to home and that they have higher mortality rates too, how do you suppose the stock market will react? How did L.A. do against CAL.20C? Not so well.

And why is the U.S. months behind the U.K. in sequencing these variants? CAL.20C accounted for more than half of the virus genome samples collected in Los Angeles laboratories on Jan. 13, according to a new study that has not yet been published. We also know L.A. showed a spike in mortality rates.

In many states CAL.20C is likely racing with B.1.1.7 to become the new normal. How long before further variants like the South African one spawn some descendent with one of these?

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