China ThinkTank Recommended Bioweapons for Potential World War 3 Conflict

China had a ThinkTank that recommended biopweaons as a primary strategy in a potential conflict with strategic rivals. The SARS ­coronaviruses as heralding a “new era of genetic weapons”, China’s scientists claimed the viruses could be “artificially manipulated”. A few years later we have Covid-19, concidence?

New documents make some startling revelations about China’s approach to conflict.

  • Beijing has considered the military potential of SARS coronaviruses since 2015
  • The bombshell document was accessed by US State Department investigators
  • Scientists examined manipulation of diseases ‘in a way never seen before’
  • Foreign affairs committee’s Tom Tugendhat says evidence is a ‘major concern’

Documents obtained by the US State Department reveal that China discussed weaponisation of COVID-19. The documents reveal Chinese Army commanders had predicted that World War 3 will be fought with biological weapons.

The military document titled ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons’ reveal the Chinese military’s plans with regards to bioweapons that could cause the enemy’s medical system to collapse.

The paper obtained by the US officials were reportedly written by Chinese military scientists and senior public health officials in 2015. China and Russia today are using cyber-hacking as a means of interfering with the politics and infrastructure of their rivals. Given who little impacted China has been due to the coronavirus, what are the chances this was indeed a bioweapon attack? We have to at least consider the possibility.

If the People’s Liberation Army in considered a bioweapon in 2015, what are the chances in 2020 they actually did it, or some rogue element in their hierarchy unleased it? It’s seems quite plausible given the content of this ThinkTank’s recommendation. When China’s leader is quoting Napoleon, and China is exhibiting signs of more aggressive use of bullying and human rights abuses as it gains economic might and political power in geopolitics, it’s not a good sign for global peace.

The bombshell paper, accessed by the US State Department, insists they will be ‘the core weapon for victory’ in such a conflict, even outlining the perfect conditions to release a bioweapon, and documenting the impact it would have on ‘the enemy’s medical system’. That sounds a lot like India in 2021. China had border skirmishes with India in 2020.

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commanders predicted that World War 3 would be fought with biological weapons, documents obtained by the US State Department reportedly reveal. What are the chances five years later a pandemic suddenly came out of China, where China did not transparently share the data with the world but instead intentionally appeared to export the danger to other countries?

China and Russia and their cybersecurity attacks also appear to have elevated conflict, so much for that peaceful lion?

China probed weaponisation of coronaviruses

The paper obtained by the US officials were reportedly written by military scientists and senior Chinese public health officials in 2015, The Australian reported adding that it was a part of their own investigation into the origins of COVID-19. The new details once again raise questions over China’s role in the spread of coronavirus with major concerns about China’s transparency on the origins of COVID-19.

News media sources in Australia and Britain aired articles about this military document in question titled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons reveal the Chinese military’s plans with regards to bioweapons.

With Donald Trump in power it would have been the perfect time to deploy such a weapon, cybersecurity attacks with bioweapon terrorism. Now Russia has a simultaneous military buildup with Ukraine, while China due to the chip shortage has a good reason to invade Taiwan. Also a coincidence?

It reads: “Following developments in other scientific fields, there have been major advances in the delivery of biological agents. For example, the new-found ability to freeze-dry micro-organisms has made it possible to store biological agents and aerosolise them during attacks.”

The mentioned breaking document to “predict World War III as biological war” is the PLA’s novel bioweapon textbook (by General Dezhong Xi, 2015) I’m translating into English with our Chinese volunteers! The brief introduction is in the 3rd Yan Report👇🏻

— Dr. Li-Meng YAN (@DrLiMengYAN1) May 7, 2021

China is being very aggressive diplomatically with Australia, Canada and even the EU. Meanwhile it’s been infiltrating developing nations in South America and Africa and weaker European states like Italy. Since taking over Hong Kong, they have changed Alibaba’s SCMP, into a propaganda newspaper. China and Russia have both stepped up the illegal arresting of journalists and protestors during the pandemic.

Russia has done more sophisticated cyberattacks then ever seen before on the U.S. in 2020 and 2021. This ThinkTank from China in 2015? In these documents, there are references of work by US Air Force colonel Michael J. Ainscough who had predicted that World War 3 may be fought with bioweapons. Some of China’s top public health figures have been listed in these documents among 18 other authors.

Ten of the authors are scientists and weapons experts affiliated with the Air Force Medical ­University in Xi’an, according to the report by The Australian. Is this what world war 3 might look like? China is being more than passive aggressive however. It no longer seems to care about its global reputation with Xinjiang and diplomatic gaffs of all kinds. Countries and companies don’t respect China, they fear it in 2021.

China has suspended talks with Australia? Australian media air this old thing ThinkTank paper from 2015. Robert Potter, a digital forensics specialist, said the documents have been verified. He claimed that “We were able to verify its ­authenticity as a document authored by the particular PLA ­researchers and scientists stated.

” Robert, who has worked with for the US, Australian and Canadian governments, said: “We were able to locate its genesis on the Chinese internet.” The document has been revealed in an upcoming book on the origins of Covid – titled What Really Happened In Wuhan.

China is Australia’s biggest trading partner, accounting for 29 per cent of Australia’s trade with the world in 2019, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. China can isolate Australia, they have already infiltrated their society to a certain degree. So China’s “soft war” approach to enemies of its state and Government appears already in motion. This has included for years and likely decades corporate espionage in the United States of a very sophisticated nature.

Earlier this week, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro had also raised serious questions while blasting China for COVID-19 handling. Further, he suggested that China could have developed the pathogen in a laboratory and disseminated it as a “biological warfare” for economic gain. According to The Brazilian Report, in an event on Wednesday, Bolsonaro posed doubts over the coronavirus origin and even questioned “are we not facing a new war?”

China’s secrecy, ambitions, and disregard for life or environment are a problem. Since the onset of the pandemic, China has become even more bullying in its diplomatic tone with small nations. It often threatens other countries. It’s widely expected to invade Taiwan in months or years from now with limited options of the U.S. and Japan to support Taiwan.

China’s transparency under scrutiny

China has long been questioned over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which first originated in Wuhan in the year 2019. The virus rapidly spread across other parts of the world as China crawled back to normalcy with strict lockdown and restrictions.

Somehow one of its most recent rivals, India, is now suddenly the hardest hit by the pandemic with the quick emergence of an apparently new variant B.1.617. China is no longer Sleeping. China oddly has the most to gain from the pandemic and its quick economic recovery form it. Now the WHO is approving Chinese vaccines. What a surprise.

Deaths in India these weeks sounds a lot like the uncontrollable burning of bodies in the early days of Wuhan. The problem is India’s Government appears totally in denial and defeated. India was the world’s best vaccine producer, so now this falls by default to China. Even as Americans are slow to share their advanced and more expensive vaccines.

Tom ­Tugendhat MP and Australian politician James Paterson said that these documents “raise major concerns about the ambitions of some of those who advise the top party leadership.” Calling China’s evident interest in bioweapons “extremely concerning”, he noted that “these weapons are dangerous” even under the highest curbs.

Official figures in recent days have been estimated to be more than twice as high as reported figures. Realistically about 11 million people have likely died from covid-19, probably a lot more. How many more will die in 2021 and 2022?

If Covid19 were a bioweapon, wouldn’t China release more worrisome “variants” over the next few years until a super spreading variant with higher mortality was unleashed? At first scientists were saying Covid-19 did not appear to mutate quickly, but suddenly there are quite a few more dangerous and more contagious variants. How can that be? Is this how a natural virus would mutate? Not everyone agrees.

In fact there’s such a lack of data transparency and even about how airborne it was, it was very concerning. Either way, the behavior of China and Russia is leading to an escalation of global conflict. Oddly even China’s crimes against humanity for the most part are being ignored.

China is playing propaganda games that will only turn the world against it. Never before have South-East Asia, Europe and the West been so united against China’s tactics. The forced labor of the Uyghurs amounts to genocide and China is behaving as if this is simply anti-Chinese politics. That’s dangerous because a united world against China could stunt it economically.

As for the coronavirus, we might never know the truth at this point. It’s actually a simpler explanation that it was released from a lab than it arising naturally from nature with such spectacular timing, just a few years after the ThinkTank made its recommdantion to Chinese Military leaders.

The Australian unfortunately isn’t free. The title of the article is ‘Virus warfare’ in China military documents. What would the world do to China if this was found out to be the truth of China’s actions? That they indeed caused the Covid-19 outbreak for malicious economic gain and to stunt their rivals? Countries speak of the health crisis against the virus as a kind of war, but their Governments might know more (than they are saying) about the real warfare that this entails.

Whatever the new normal may be, it seems highly probable more sophisticated cyber-attacks and bioweapons will be part of that. It doesn’t matter what you call a pandemic, if it benefits some nations over others it will be suspicious. Given the kind of research the lab in Wuhan was conducting, and the motives involved here, it seems nearly hard to imagine Covid-19 was just a random natural occurrence to occur in this time and place. The odds are quite against it.

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